A B O U T  M E

Dr. Brandi Moore

Dr. Moore is a NPMB Board Certified physician focusing on hormones, skin conditions, medical aesthetics and weight loss.  She takes an integrated approach to treating each unique patient, offering a range of treatments and services to help her clients reclaim control over their health.  She is a wife, a mother and a major foodie!  When she is not treating patients or spending time with family, she is giving back, teaching future doctors at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

 A P P R O A C H 

Integrative Medicine

I love helping my patients reclaim control of their health. When I meet with a new patient my goal is to find the root of what is causing their symptoms.  My integrative approach means I often start with running labs but also a full length interview to really understand all contributing factors to your condition.  This means past conditions, family history and current medications, but also diet, sleep, exercise, relationships, stress and your environment.  I also make an effort to collaborate with any other providers you're seeing so that I can be considerate of other treatments you may already be doing and why.  Only then can we come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve lasting results.


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